Aloe Vera Extract

Composition : Each Soft Capsule Contains Aloe Vera Extract 100mg.

Indication : Alocap is indicated :

For Skin : Soften and smoothes skin, whitening skin, moisturizes skin, glamorous skin, reduces acne and helps lighten blemishes, reduces tan, prevents signs of aging, reduces stretch marks, helps external wounds,skin diseases,skin freshness.

For Hair : Promotes hair growth, nutririses hair, prevents hair fall and hair loss.

Digestive Problems : Aloe vera gel capsules used to treat digestive problems ranging from heartburn and indigestion to constipation. The fatty acids found in aloe vera aid in proper functioning of the stomach, intestines and colon. Regular use of aloe vera can help the body stay healthy by regulating the digestive system.

Others : weight loss, colic, liver inflammation, improves immune system, fungal diseases, amenorrhea,worm infestation and infections.

Dosage and administration : Take one capsule one to three times daily, preferably with a meal. Or, as directed by the registered physician.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : Aloe vera is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Packing : Each Box Contains 5 x 10's soft capsules in blister pack.

Prescribing Description

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