Ursolic Suspension

Ursodeoxycholic Acid BP

Composition : Ursodeoxycholic Acid BP 250mg/5ml Suspension.

Indication :: This drug is indicated for the dissolution of small to medium sized radiolucent, cholesterol rich gall-stones in functioning gall bladders. This drug is also indicated for the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis.

Dosage and administration : Adults and Elderly : Dissolution of gallstones : 8- 12mg/kg body weight daily as a single dose at bedtime or in two divided doses, for up to 2 years; treatment is continued for 3-4 months after stones dissolve.

Children : Not recommended. Or, as directed by the registered physician. Please see prescribing description for more information.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : Pregnancy Category B by FDA

Packing :

Ursolic Suspension : 50ml oral suspension.

Prescribing Description

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