Amlocard Plus

Amlodipine BP + Atenolol BP

Composition : Amlocard Plus 25: Amlodipine BP 5 mg + Atenolol BP 25 mg Tablet.

Amlocard Plus 50: Amlodipine BP 5 mg + Atenolol BP 05 mg Tablet.

Indication : Patients with essential hypertension. Patients with angina pectoris & hypertension as co-existing diseases. In post MI patients. In patients with refractory angina pectoris where nitrate therapy has failed.

Dosage and administration : The therapy is initiated with a single dose of Amlodipine 5 mg plus Atenolol 50 mg depending upon the therapeutic response, titration of the dosage is recommended. In elderly patients, it is advisable to initiate the therapy with 1/2 tablet to fixed dose combination of Amlodipine & Atenolol i.e. 2.5 mg of Amlodipine & 25 mg Atenolol.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : The combination should be used during pregnancy only if the expected benefit outweighs the potential fetal risk. The combination should not be used by nursing mothers. If its use is considered necessary, breast-feeding should be stopped.

Packing : Amlocard Plus 25 : 4 x 14's tablets in blister pack.

Amlocard Plus 50 : 4 x 14's tablets in blister pack.

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