Syrup Deenar

Composition : Each 5ml syrup contains extract of Cichorium endivia (Root) 400mg, Cichorium endivia (Seed) 200mg, Rosa damascena 200mg, Nymphaea alba 100mg, Borago officinalis 100mg, Cuscuta reflexa 150mg, Rheum emodi 125mg.

Indication : Hepatitis,Obstructive Jaundice, Ascitis, Constipation, Pleurisy & Metritis

Dosage and administration : Adults: 2-3 teaspoonfuls twice daily. Children : 1/2-1 teaspoonful twice daily after meal or, as directed by the registered physician.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : No experience is available with regard to the use during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, it should only be used after an accurate diagnosis has been made by the treating doctor.

Presentation :

Each PET bottle contains 100 ml syrup.

Each PET bottle contains 450 ml syrup.

Prescribing Description

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