Aqua Care

Urea BP

Composition : Urea 100 mg.

Indications : Urea cream is indicated for Ichthyosis and dry skin conditions,cracked skin of feet, management of eczemas, management of psoriasis.

Dosage and administration : Urea cream is applied topically. Wash affected areas well, rinse off all traces of soap, dry and apply sparingly twice daily.Occlusive dressings may be used, but are usually unnecessary because of the self-occlusive nature of the cream. Or as directed by the registered physician.

Side effects : No serious toxicity has been reported with topical urea.Historically it is considered a safe drug.But on some occasions, topical urea has been shown to cause burning and irritation, if applied to inflamed, broken or exudative skin eruptions.

Use in Pregnancy and lactation : Urea cream can be used during pregnancy
and lactation.

Packing : Aqua Care Cream : 30 gram in a tube.

Prescribing Description

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