Aceclofenac BP

Composition : Aceclofenac BP 100mg Tablet.

Indication : Nofenac is used for the relief of pain and inflammation in the following conditions:

* Acute and chronic rheumatoid arthritis

* Osteoarthritis

* Ankylosing spondylitis

* Pain and inflammation in orthopaedic, gynecologic, dental and other minor surgery

* Post operative pain

* Low back pain and other acute musculoskeletal disorder

* Primary dysmenorrhea

* Severe traumatic injuries

* Severe migraine attacks

* Renal and biliary colic

Dosage and administration : Adults : The recommended dose is 100mg, twice daily. Children : There are no clinical data on the use of Aceclofenac in children. Elderly : Generally no dose adjustment is necessary.Or as directed by registered physician.

Use in pregnancy and lactation : There are no well controlled studies the safe use of drug in pregnant woman. This drug should not be used during pregnancy unless the benefits to the mother justify the potential risk to the fetus.

Packing : Nofenac : 5 x 10's tablets .

Prescribing Description

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